Nexo Management

Specialists in interim management for SMEs

What is Interim Management?

It is a short/medium term assignment of a proven professional who is highly experienced in leadership and management. He/she joins a company externally to develop a very specific executive campaign for a fixed period and with pre-defined targets


Benefits for your business:

  • Experience, operating fully autonomously if necessary with little guidance.
  • Speed, available to start in days with minimum recruitment or termination formalities
  • Results, focusing in efficiency and pre-defined targets. Successful investment returns.
  • Objectivity, while sensitive to the company’s background we are not constrained with company politics, personalities or protocols.
  • Knowledge transfer, we are committed to transfer our skills and experience to the company’s staff
  • Cost optimization, no need of additional wage costs as holiday pays, contributions and so on, no need neither of long term commitments

Interim manager vs. consultant

Although they have similar profiles, their work is different

  • The consultant advises and gives ideas; the interim manager additionally implements them.
  • The interim manager focuses in results stressing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The interim manager becomes part of the company.
  • The interim manager, due to its professional characteristics, is more flexible.

Areas of activity

Business Optimization

We help to improve and optimize your business using your resources in a practical way. We achieve excellence stressing efficiency and effectiveness.

Improving profitability

We focus in doing the right things, analyzing the company’s performance and showing to the owners/management team the easiest and practical way to achieve their goals while saving money during the process.

Company growth

We analyze the companies’ growth potential, helping our clients to grow and improve in a sustainable and effective way.

Generational change

As a majority of companies are family owned, the generational changes they face as they make the transition are significant and varied

Improving Communication

A company that does not communicate is a company that does not exist. We help to communicate effectively with your target audience.


We help companies to access/grow in international markets